Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great week of savings for new & seasoned Divas!

Lori had a awesome trip at Publix. Spent $93 and saved$128=58%

Elaine did my coupon shopping this evening....oop was 39.94 saved $83.16 = 67%

Sabrina Hull first time for Publix coupon shopping! I spent $144.00 and saved $124.20! This is great! Buggy was full top & bottom! And the cashier was great, although he forgot to ring up a $4.00 coupon so I would have saved even more!! Loving the coupons!

Donella Ray spent $54.77 at Publix and saved $69.81. Getting better each week!

Rachel Snyder Spent 76.04 saved 56.90 at Winn-Dixie, then went to Publix spent 65.22 saved 50.80. Not to shabby seeing as how I haven't taken the class yet. See you tomorrow.

Jennifer Nall went to Publix and spent 26.09 oop saved 43.10 = 62%!!! Not too bad for my first try.

Karen Carney saved $50.19 and spent $14.58 = 76% at Publix yesterday. Woohoo!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been at it again!

I didn't get everything I wanted, but there are a few more days of the sales. 

Publix - $232.10 for $34.10 = $198 savings 85% 

Winn Dixie - $46.52 for $23.76 = 22.76 savings 

Food World - $17.16 for $11.99 = $5.17 savings (I bought things w/out coupons) 

Walgreens - $51.84 for 29.29 = $22.55 savings plus $12 Register Rewards

Not bad for this trip!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kelly Henrichsen went to Walgreens today purchased $83.27 worth of stuff, after coupons she paid $34.57 ($48.70 or 58%) and walked out with $28 in register rewards, so when you factor those in her final total is $6.57 a savings of $76.70 or 91% off retail.

I think you got it going on! You go DIVA!!!

Alicia Medina went to Wallgreens, Winn Dixie & Publix today. She purchased a combined total of $116.28 and only paid $46.14 OOP!! = savings of 70.14 that 60% off retail(She did start with $10 in register rewards at Wallgreens).
The regular Kraft Mac 'N Cheese is on sale at Wallgreens (in Ad coupon) for only .69 cents that is cheaper than anywhere else this week (limit 4).

Way to Go DIVA!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She's Back :)

Okay, all of you coupon divas out there, she's back in the saddle!!! My sister, Sherie, just got back from Publix. Her total order was $301.04 and she paid $82.10!!!!

That's a savings of 73%, WHOO HOO!!!!!!

Go Diva, Go Diva!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got new Savers out there!!!

Kristin Austin went to Publix and her total was $12.69 and her oop was $0.00!! WOW!!!!!!!!

Becky Harwell went to Publix. Spent OOP $21- and saved $40-..66% savings not bad :) What that is Great!!!!!

Shannon Martin went to Publix last night and purchased $84.39 for $50.82 OOP. Yay Shannon!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On Saturday Karen Jolly bought $242 worth of groceries for $158 OOP a savings of $84. Way to go Karen. You are on your way to being a new Coupon Diva.

Also Donella Ray is no longer a coupon virgin. She bought $126 worth of groceries for $68 OOP. Thats a savings of $58. 45% is not too bad for a first timer. Look out Divas here she comes.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Diva Elaine has been at it again

She went to Publix yesterday and here is some of what she got. Some of the items she got she did not have coupons for, they were just too good of a buy to pass up.

Vendor coupon $18.50 Advertised special $ 29.05 Total savings $47.55 Out of pocket $55.58

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Savings

Joy Fretwell & Susie went shopping on Saturday. Joy paid $100 OOP on $250 in groceries saving $150 = 60% off retail. I think she might be our newest Diva.