Monday, November 30, 2009

Janice Kiefer - Okey, I am being told I am obsessed with coupons. Determanation gave me OOP $70.00 for over $200.00 worth of items. I have my turkey,dressing, and desserts. I think I am getting this down, thanks diva!


Susan Marshall - Went to the Grand Opening of the new Publix. Spent $103.17 My OOP was $29.69. Savings of $73.48!!! Thanks Lindelon for helping me fine tune my coupon skills.
If y'all haven't taken a class yet, do it!

Ceci Price - Small purchase but spent $3.65 on $11.69 worth of stuff.... Saved $8.04

Janice Kiefer - I am so excited. Yesterday I made two trips. First I went to Food World for some meat, because I had a $5 off $40.00. Qs galore!! I got $100 with $44 in meat, OOP 48$,I had alot of other stuff too. Then I went to the New Publix with $237 and OOP $85. I have more grocries then I have had for years and have saved over $500 in four months. This is fun. Thanks for all your work, you make it so much easier. Oh, at Food World I got 25 cent milk for a half gallon. Q's on the meat, yogurt and almost every item.

Ceci Price - Went to publix filled a new RX and got a $25 gift card so.... Total groceries $116.18 Savings $54.68 OOP (after gift card) $36.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I rock, thanks Lindelon.

Elaine McCroan was at Wags this am...bought 2 boxes character band-aids (Sponge Bob and Barbie)and 4 character OralB stages toothbrushes (Barbie and Spiderman)...OOP just $2.45. These will be Christmas presents for the twin neice and nephew. They love character stuff. OH, & THE BEST PART!!!!!!! I GOT $6 BACK IN REGISTER REWARDS!!!!!!!






Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sabrina Hull Target trip this morning! Total was $55.18 - oop was $16.80, saved $38.38!! It's great coupon shopping! I even had an older gentleman stop me outside the store and he asked me "Just out of curiosity how much did you save using those coupons?" When I told him - his response was he was going to have to try it!

Ceci Price -  Went to Publix, Total $173.49 OOP $68.32 Savings $105.17 or 61%. Woohoo! Couldn't do it without you thank you so much.

Joy Fretwell - I FINALLY got my first OOP -ZERO (0)-. Last week Walgreens had their soup $.50 each. Had two (2) $1/2. Bought 4 cans. Cashier rang it up and said you owe $2 then gave her 2 coupons and then she said you owe "uhm", eyes went into shock mode, put items in the bag and said have a great day. Guess she was as SHOCKED as I was. Not a lot of items but it was FREE to me.

Heather Dixey - I got two boxes of therma care for $1.98. I am happy happy bout it:-)
Kathryn Lenardon - I got yo-plus yogurt at Publix. BOGO with $1 off each item. I paid .55 for 8 yogurts!!!!!!
Cassia McShannon - Just bought $40+ in groceries last night from Publix, OOP $8.01!!
Alicia Medina - Walgreens has some great deals this week with the in store coupons from the paper & manufacture coupons I spent about $7 and saved $17 yesturday!! Mac-n-cheese is only 59 cents!!  Oh ya Walgreens also has scotch tape for 39 cents (limit 3) great for wrapping those gifts!!  
Tiffany Maybin - I ran to Walgreens at lunch. Saved $17.83 - OOP - $8.40




Monday, November 9, 2009

Ceci Price - Finally, my best yet. Publix tonight total$164, OOP $58!!! Yeah me.

Tiffany Maybin I finally saved MORE than I spent at Publix! Total - $149.58, OOP $73.03 - Saved $76.55!!!!!

 Janice Kiefer -  I did much better at Publix this week. I saved  $150.00 total with everything and BOGO!!! Gotta love it!!

Melissa Williams - Shopped Publix this week shopping total $137.20 less B1G1 and coupons - spent $48.08. Compared to Wal-Mart - would have been $116.24 less the vendor coupons only would have spent $99.49!!!!

Leslie Miller - Hidee Ho neighbor, just wanted to let you know I tried for the first time last night, the BOGO's and coupons just to see if I could figure it out and much to my surprise I got $100.00 of groceries for $50.00!!!!!! I was so excited I can't wait to take one of your classes!!!!