Saturday, July 25, 2009


Joy went to Publix with Susie and Joanna and she spent $90 for $206 in groceries = $116 saved That is 56% off retail.

Woo Hoo!!! Just imagine what she'll do after a class. :)

Joanna spent $59 and saved $132 = 70% savings. You Go Girl!!!


My Aunt Elaine has been couponing a little longer than me, so she's
a real pro. This was her outing to Publix on June 22.

Total ticket $167.56 spent OOP $54.49 = $113.07 savings 68%

She's one of the original Diva's.


While mom and I were shopping we ran into Brent & Molly and Susie & Joanna doin' that coupon thang. And of course later the wild bunch did there normal Friday night shopping. Here are their totals . . .

Brent "Coupon Dude" purchased
$193.45 for $44.71 OOP = 77% savings

Susie spent $37 and saved $45 = 56% savings

had a total bill of $103.00 and paid $37.16 = 64% savings

Lori's bill total was $115 and paid $60 = 48% savings

Check back soon you never know who will be the next big saver!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Finals

So this week I wasn't going to go shopping because we are going on vacation, but there were some stuff we needed and it was finally on sale and the deals were to good to pass up.

My Publix totals were - $132.86 for $4.86 = a saving of $128 (96% OFF retail)

Talked with Becca while I was there and NONE of the Publix here are going to be taking Food Lion or Harvey's competitor coupons any more :(

But back to the savings!!! The Chef Boyardee they paid me .15 cent per can and the large packs of 130 plates ended up being like a $1.50. WEUUWEE I love it when a plan comes together.

Mom also went with me shopping. No pictures of her stuff (it is totally different than mine) but she purchased $153.58 for $4.67 OOP = a savings of $148.91 (that 97% OFF retail folks) She is still doing the happy dance. Her best deals were Hormel pre-cooked dinner meat for $2 (saved like $6) and Eight O'Clock Coffee for $1.50 a bag.

Ya'll holla with your savings for this week!!! :}

Friday, July 17, 2009

Whole 'Nutha Level of Coupon Shopping

So tonight was crazy coupon shopping night at Publix. At any given time after about 4 pm there were at least 2 Coupon Chix graduates shopping in Publix @ University Pkwy. These 4, Scary Mary, Boo Boo, Martha & Lisa, were particularly crazy. They even got the manager, Pat in on it.

Mary spent OOP $101 & saved $99. Woo Hoo her first coupon shopping trip. Mover over Divas here she comes!!! :}

Lori spent OOP $64 & saved $94 = 60%. Go Diva Go Diva!!! :}

Lisa spent OOP $22 & saved $82 = 80% (She's an Ole' Pro) Way to go DIVA!!!

Becky is the newest Diva to hit the bunch. On her third coupon shopping trip she has hit 80% savings. She spent OOP $55 & saved $80. Welcome to the Crewe Diva!!!!

And while this crazy 4-some was shopping Prego Amber did a little saving of her own.

Look for more Savings Post SOOOON!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Diva

Sara M. went to Publix and got a killer deal. For $53.27 OOP she got . . .

that's $155.44 in groceries. Which makes her savings $102.17 = 66% off retail!!! Go Diva, Go Diva :}