Friday, January 1, 2010

What about 2009 & What's ahead in 2010!?!

In 2009 I decided to make a change in the way I spent money on groceries and household items.  I started researching about couponing and the money that could be saved by doing it right.  By March I was studied up and had been collecting coupons and was ready to get started.  In the next 9 months I would not only change my ways, but the ways of many others around me.  I personally went from spending $50 a day at the grocery store to averaging $79 a week for the rest of the year.  My actually savings on items purchased in 2009 were $3,417, but the "change of life" savings was more like $11,000.   And we have more food than we have ever had before.

In June I started teaching Couponing Workshops.  11 workshops, and 160 students later, we are making our savings mark on the Pensacola area.  2010 already has several Workshops lined up and the addition of Home Parties and Continuing Ed classes @ UWF I am looking forward to an exciting year.

My wish for all my Peeps in 2010 is a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous (start clipping) New Year!  God Bless :)


Monday, December 28, 2009

Shanda Soderlind - Went to Target and purchased this for $24.98. Saved $28.52





Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last savings before New Years!

My (Lindelon's) deal of the day!!! This one is good. Went to Walmart in Gulf Breeze last night, ya'll know this is not some place I frequently go, got 8 packs of Snuggle fabric softner sheets @ $1.87 ea used a $2 coupon from RP 12/6 = THEY PAID ME $1.04 to take them out of the store. (not litterally, I had another item that it discounted) But the cashier was so impressed, wanted to know how it works.

Deal of the day 4 boxes of Frosted Flakes & 1 gallon of milk = $5 saving $14.55. 

Store Totals - Publix - saved $110 spent $64.50 

Food World - saved $12 spent $40 (meat) 

Target - saved $21 would have spent $8.75 had a GC from a previous day OOP $0 

Winn Dixie - saved $68 spent $24 

Got $350 in groceries for $140 - 60% savings WOO HOO the Diva is back, lol


Friday, December 18, 2009

Sabrina Hull CVS trip today! Took advantage of Gillette deal $10.00 ECB when you buy $25.00 in Gillette products.
Total OOP $20.00; ECB $10.00, Saved $30.00 with coupons!!

Susan Marshall - I went to Publix this morning & got all my Christmas cookie makings $36.03. OOP $8.30, Saved $27.73! (would have been less, but I had to buy milk too) :-)

Cassia McShannon - Just went to Publix. Total bill was $127.89. OOP was $24.90. I win. =) Thx Coupon-Chix.

Cristy Spence 4.00 for all of this -



Shanda Soderlind - Just got back from Publix. Saved $75.99 by using coupons on BOGO items (had $30 in coupons). Thanks Lindelon for your help!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Janice Kiefer - Okey, I am being told I am obsessed with coupons. Determanation gave me OOP $70.00 for over $200.00 worth of items. I have my turkey,dressing, and desserts. I think I am getting this down, thanks diva!


Susan Marshall - Went to the Grand Opening of the new Publix. Spent $103.17 My OOP was $29.69. Savings of $73.48!!! Thanks Lindelon for helping me fine tune my coupon skills.
If y'all haven't taken a class yet, do it!

Ceci Price - Small purchase but spent $3.65 on $11.69 worth of stuff.... Saved $8.04

Janice Kiefer - I am so excited. Yesterday I made two trips. First I went to Food World for some meat, because I had a $5 off $40.00. Qs galore!! I got $100 with $44 in meat, OOP 48$,I had alot of other stuff too. Then I went to the New Publix with $237 and OOP $85. I have more grocries then I have had for years and have saved over $500 in four months. This is fun. Thanks for all your work, you make it so much easier. Oh, at Food World I got 25 cent milk for a half gallon. Q's on the meat, yogurt and almost every item.

Ceci Price - Went to publix filled a new RX and got a $25 gift card so.... Total groceries $116.18 Savings $54.68 OOP (after gift card) $36.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I rock, thanks Lindelon.

Elaine McCroan was at Wags this am...bought 2 boxes character band-aids (Sponge Bob and Barbie)and 4 character OralB stages toothbrushes (Barbie and Spiderman)...OOP just $2.45. These will be Christmas presents for the twin neice and nephew. They love character stuff. OH, & THE BEST PART!!!!!!! I GOT $6 BACK IN REGISTER REWARDS!!!!!!!






Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sabrina Hull Target trip this morning! Total was $55.18 - oop was $16.80, saved $38.38!! It's great coupon shopping! I even had an older gentleman stop me outside the store and he asked me "Just out of curiosity how much did you save using those coupons?" When I told him - his response was he was going to have to try it!

Ceci Price -  Went to Publix, Total $173.49 OOP $68.32 Savings $105.17 or 61%. Woohoo! Couldn't do it without you thank you so much.

Joy Fretwell - I FINALLY got my first OOP -ZERO (0)-. Last week Walgreens had their soup $.50 each. Had two (2) $1/2. Bought 4 cans. Cashier rang it up and said you owe $2 then gave her 2 coupons and then she said you owe "uhm", eyes went into shock mode, put items in the bag and said have a great day. Guess she was as SHOCKED as I was. Not a lot of items but it was FREE to me.

Heather Dixey - I got two boxes of therma care for $1.98. I am happy happy bout it:-)
Kathryn Lenardon - I got yo-plus yogurt at Publix. BOGO with $1 off each item. I paid .55 for 8 yogurts!!!!!!
Cassia McShannon - Just bought $40+ in groceries last night from Publix, OOP $8.01!!
Alicia Medina - Walgreens has some great deals this week with the in store coupons from the paper & manufacture coupons I spent about $7 and saved $17 yesturday!! Mac-n-cheese is only 59 cents!!  Oh ya Walgreens also has scotch tape for 39 cents (limit 3) great for wrapping those gifts!!  
Tiffany Maybin - I ran to Walgreens at lunch. Saved $17.83 - OOP - $8.40




Monday, November 9, 2009

Ceci Price - Finally, my best yet. Publix tonight total$164, OOP $58!!! Yeah me.

Tiffany Maybin I finally saved MORE than I spent at Publix! Total - $149.58, OOP $73.03 - Saved $76.55!!!!!

 Janice Kiefer -  I did much better at Publix this week. I saved  $150.00 total with everything and BOGO!!! Gotta love it!!

Melissa Williams - Shopped Publix this week shopping total $137.20 less B1G1 and coupons - spent $48.08. Compared to Wal-Mart - would have been $116.24 less the vendor coupons only would have spent $99.49!!!!

Leslie Miller - Hidee Ho neighbor, just wanted to let you know I tried for the first time last night, the BOGO's and coupons just to see if I could figure it out and much to my surprise I got $100.00 of groceries for $50.00!!!!!! I was so excited I can't wait to take one of your classes!!!!