Monday, December 28, 2009

Shanda Soderlind - Went to Target and purchased this for $24.98. Saved $28.52





Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last savings before New Years!

My (Lindelon's) deal of the day!!! This one is good. Went to Walmart in Gulf Breeze last night, ya'll know this is not some place I frequently go, got 8 packs of Snuggle fabric softner sheets @ $1.87 ea used a $2 coupon from RP 12/6 = THEY PAID ME $1.04 to take them out of the store. (not litterally, I had another item that it discounted) But the cashier was so impressed, wanted to know how it works.

Deal of the day 4 boxes of Frosted Flakes & 1 gallon of milk = $5 saving $14.55. 

Store Totals - Publix - saved $110 spent $64.50 

Food World - saved $12 spent $40 (meat) 

Target - saved $21 would have spent $8.75 had a GC from a previous day OOP $0 

Winn Dixie - saved $68 spent $24 

Got $350 in groceries for $140 - 60% savings WOO HOO the Diva is back, lol


Friday, December 18, 2009

Sabrina Hull CVS trip today! Took advantage of Gillette deal $10.00 ECB when you buy $25.00 in Gillette products.
Total OOP $20.00; ECB $10.00, Saved $30.00 with coupons!!

Susan Marshall - I went to Publix this morning & got all my Christmas cookie makings $36.03. OOP $8.30, Saved $27.73! (would have been less, but I had to buy milk too) :-)

Cassia McShannon - Just went to Publix. Total bill was $127.89. OOP was $24.90. I win. =) Thx Coupon-Chix.

Cristy Spence 4.00 for all of this -



Shanda Soderlind - Just got back from Publix. Saved $75.99 by using coupons on BOGO items (had $30 in coupons). Thanks Lindelon for your help!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Janice Kiefer - Okey, I am being told I am obsessed with coupons. Determanation gave me OOP $70.00 for over $200.00 worth of items. I have my turkey,dressing, and desserts. I think I am getting this down, thanks diva!


Susan Marshall - Went to the Grand Opening of the new Publix. Spent $103.17 My OOP was $29.69. Savings of $73.48!!! Thanks Lindelon for helping me fine tune my coupon skills.
If y'all haven't taken a class yet, do it!

Ceci Price - Small purchase but spent $3.65 on $11.69 worth of stuff.... Saved $8.04

Janice Kiefer - I am so excited. Yesterday I made two trips. First I went to Food World for some meat, because I had a $5 off $40.00. Qs galore!! I got $100 with $44 in meat, OOP 48$,I had alot of other stuff too. Then I went to the New Publix with $237 and OOP $85. I have more grocries then I have had for years and have saved over $500 in four months. This is fun. Thanks for all your work, you make it so much easier. Oh, at Food World I got 25 cent milk for a half gallon. Q's on the meat, yogurt and almost every item.

Ceci Price - Went to publix filled a new RX and got a $25 gift card so.... Total groceries $116.18 Savings $54.68 OOP (after gift card) $36.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I rock, thanks Lindelon.

Elaine McCroan was at Wags this am...bought 2 boxes character band-aids (Sponge Bob and Barbie)and 4 character OralB stages toothbrushes (Barbie and Spiderman)...OOP just $2.45. These will be Christmas presents for the twin neice and nephew. They love character stuff. OH, & THE BEST PART!!!!!!! I GOT $6 BACK IN REGISTER REWARDS!!!!!!!






Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sabrina Hull Target trip this morning! Total was $55.18 - oop was $16.80, saved $38.38!! It's great coupon shopping! I even had an older gentleman stop me outside the store and he asked me "Just out of curiosity how much did you save using those coupons?" When I told him - his response was he was going to have to try it!

Ceci Price -  Went to Publix, Total $173.49 OOP $68.32 Savings $105.17 or 61%. Woohoo! Couldn't do it without you thank you so much.

Joy Fretwell - I FINALLY got my first OOP -ZERO (0)-. Last week Walgreens had their soup $.50 each. Had two (2) $1/2. Bought 4 cans. Cashier rang it up and said you owe $2 then gave her 2 coupons and then she said you owe "uhm", eyes went into shock mode, put items in the bag and said have a great day. Guess she was as SHOCKED as I was. Not a lot of items but it was FREE to me.

Heather Dixey - I got two boxes of therma care for $1.98. I am happy happy bout it:-)
Kathryn Lenardon - I got yo-plus yogurt at Publix. BOGO with $1 off each item. I paid .55 for 8 yogurts!!!!!!
Cassia McShannon - Just bought $40+ in groceries last night from Publix, OOP $8.01!!
Alicia Medina - Walgreens has some great deals this week with the in store coupons from the paper & manufacture coupons I spent about $7 and saved $17 yesturday!! Mac-n-cheese is only 59 cents!!  Oh ya Walgreens also has scotch tape for 39 cents (limit 3) great for wrapping those gifts!!  
Tiffany Maybin - I ran to Walgreens at lunch. Saved $17.83 - OOP - $8.40




Monday, November 9, 2009

Ceci Price - Finally, my best yet. Publix tonight total$164, OOP $58!!! Yeah me.

Tiffany Maybin I finally saved MORE than I spent at Publix! Total - $149.58, OOP $73.03 - Saved $76.55!!!!!

 Janice Kiefer -  I did much better at Publix this week. I saved  $150.00 total with everything and BOGO!!! Gotta love it!!

Melissa Williams - Shopped Publix this week shopping total $137.20 less B1G1 and coupons - spent $48.08. Compared to Wal-Mart - would have been $116.24 less the vendor coupons only would have spent $99.49!!!!

Leslie Miller - Hidee Ho neighbor, just wanted to let you know I tried for the first time last night, the BOGO's and coupons just to see if I could figure it out and much to my surprise I got $100.00 of groceries for $50.00!!!!!! I was so excited I can't wait to take one of your classes!!!!






Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lindelon - Awsome shopping Day!! I think Publix was my best. Spent $19.43 & saved $120.02!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ceci Price went to Publix tonight, didn't do to bad. OOP $161. Saved $98. Needed lots of stuff, unfortunately some wasn't on sale. Publix (Gulf Breeze) manager said they no longer take CVS or Walgreens coupons though!!

Mary Leach - finally did it Spent $38 saved $90!

Donna Thomas Publix trip....brought home $200.89 worth, OOP $98.92. Not a tiny number for the amount spent, but a happy savings of $101.97, nonetheless. :)



Monday, September 28, 2009

Brent French...I had a great trip to Publix today. Purchased $158.01 and only paid $12.70. This is a savings of 92%. Woo Hoo!!!

Tiffany Maybin I have never been a coupon clipper. I always shopped with the store sales ad and saved by purchasing store brands. I was in Saturday's class and for my first shopping trip on Sunday, I think I did pretty well! I did not have a huge amount of coupons to use, however, I applied my newly learned knowledge and rang up $129.27 and paid $74.88! I'M SOLD!!! I'm collecting coupons as fast as I can get my hands on them now - just wait till next week!!! Thanks Lindelon!!!!!

Elaine McCroan went to Publix (University Parkway) tonight and bought $113.22 worth of groceries for $37.76! Savings of 67%. And I found a new coupon booklet by the buggies, just inside the door.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brandy Brown did some late evening grocery shopping....went to Publix spent $24.19 saved $27.71. Then went to Winn Dixie and spent $48.43 and saved $34.96!!! woooo hoooo!  I understand the Risings went shopping with Brandy and saved 50% on their groceries.

Lori Leach home from Friday night shopping. Did good Total $161.25 and paid $77.46.


Sabrina Hull home from Publix - total $190.61 and paid $104.09 - woo hoo!!

Donella Ray Publix shopping today paid $58 for $135 on groceries...I am so pumped!! and CVS still owes me stuff after changing prescription and coupons. Couldn't even spend it all in one trip.

My best buy lately ... 6 boxes of Toaster Strudel for $1.47. WooHoo! (lindelon)

Elaine McCroan went to Publix and scored with 2 packages of Keebler Pecan Sandies and 1 gallon of milk - oop $4.06! Oh, and 1 free Publix shopping bag!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy Fretwell FYI, I went Saturday to Publix. I had Walgreen $5 off $25 so I broke mine up into 6 different orders.The grand total (of all 6 orders) was $300 and I only paid $85.00. Out of the 6 the best was when I paid $2.85 and saved $48.50. That was so cool. After the 2nd time the cashier realized what I was doing and got excited to see how much I could save. She kept my receipts and was adding up the savings herself.

Brandy Brown went to Winn Dixie today spent $110.87 and saved $99.26. Woo Hoo, you go girl!!!

Donella Ray I went to Publix this morning and spent $49.43 and saved $66.94 = 58%.

Debbie Reble spent $40.31 saved $105.58 = 73% at Publix this morning and I'm not even sure what I'm doing yet...thank you for the scoop Joy. Looking forward to the coupon class this coming Saturday!

Theresa Schneider went to Publix's got $86.99 and spent $30.89 saved $56.10 = 64%. But my question to all you coupon chixs and guys, "Who brought all my Yogurt??????????"




Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great week of savings for new & seasoned Divas!

Lori had a awesome trip at Publix. Spent $93 and saved$128=58%

Elaine did my coupon shopping this evening....oop was 39.94 saved $83.16 = 67%

Sabrina Hull first time for Publix coupon shopping! I spent $144.00 and saved $124.20! This is great! Buggy was full top & bottom! And the cashier was great, although he forgot to ring up a $4.00 coupon so I would have saved even more!! Loving the coupons!

Donella Ray spent $54.77 at Publix and saved $69.81. Getting better each week!

Rachel Snyder Spent 76.04 saved 56.90 at Winn-Dixie, then went to Publix spent 65.22 saved 50.80. Not to shabby seeing as how I haven't taken the class yet. See you tomorrow.

Jennifer Nall went to Publix and spent 26.09 oop saved 43.10 = 62%!!! Not too bad for my first try.

Karen Carney saved $50.19 and spent $14.58 = 76% at Publix yesterday. Woohoo!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been at it again!

I didn't get everything I wanted, but there are a few more days of the sales. 

Publix - $232.10 for $34.10 = $198 savings 85% 

Winn Dixie - $46.52 for $23.76 = 22.76 savings 

Food World - $17.16 for $11.99 = $5.17 savings (I bought things w/out coupons) 

Walgreens - $51.84 for 29.29 = $22.55 savings plus $12 Register Rewards

Not bad for this trip!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kelly Henrichsen went to Walgreens today purchased $83.27 worth of stuff, after coupons she paid $34.57 ($48.70 or 58%) and walked out with $28 in register rewards, so when you factor those in her final total is $6.57 a savings of $76.70 or 91% off retail.

I think you got it going on! You go DIVA!!!

Alicia Medina went to Wallgreens, Winn Dixie & Publix today. She purchased a combined total of $116.28 and only paid $46.14 OOP!! = savings of 70.14 that 60% off retail(She did start with $10 in register rewards at Wallgreens).
The regular Kraft Mac 'N Cheese is on sale at Wallgreens (in Ad coupon) for only .69 cents that is cheaper than anywhere else this week (limit 4).

Way to Go DIVA!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She's Back :)

Okay, all of you coupon divas out there, she's back in the saddle!!! My sister, Sherie, just got back from Publix. Her total order was $301.04 and she paid $82.10!!!!

That's a savings of 73%, WHOO HOO!!!!!!

Go Diva, Go Diva!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got new Savers out there!!!

Kristin Austin went to Publix and her total was $12.69 and her oop was $0.00!! WOW!!!!!!!!

Becky Harwell went to Publix. Spent OOP $21- and saved $40-..66% savings not bad :) What that is Great!!!!!

Shannon Martin went to Publix last night and purchased $84.39 for $50.82 OOP. Yay Shannon!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On Saturday Karen Jolly bought $242 worth of groceries for $158 OOP a savings of $84. Way to go Karen. You are on your way to being a new Coupon Diva.

Also Donella Ray is no longer a coupon virgin. She bought $126 worth of groceries for $68 OOP. Thats a savings of $58. 45% is not too bad for a first timer. Look out Divas here she comes.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Diva Elaine has been at it again

She went to Publix yesterday and here is some of what she got. Some of the items she got she did not have coupons for, they were just too good of a buy to pass up.

Vendor coupon $18.50 Advertised special $ 29.05 Total savings $47.55 Out of pocket $55.58

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Savings

Joy Fretwell & Susie went shopping on Saturday. Joy paid $100 OOP on $250 in groceries saving $150 = 60% off retail. I think she might be our newest Diva.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Joy went to Publix with Susie and Joanna and she spent $90 for $206 in groceries = $116 saved That is 56% off retail.

Woo Hoo!!! Just imagine what she'll do after a class. :)

Joanna spent $59 and saved $132 = 70% savings. You Go Girl!!!


My Aunt Elaine has been couponing a little longer than me, so she's
a real pro. This was her outing to Publix on June 22.

Total ticket $167.56 spent OOP $54.49 = $113.07 savings 68%

She's one of the original Diva's.


While mom and I were shopping we ran into Brent & Molly and Susie & Joanna doin' that coupon thang. And of course later the wild bunch did there normal Friday night shopping. Here are their totals . . .

Brent "Coupon Dude" purchased
$193.45 for $44.71 OOP = 77% savings

Susie spent $37 and saved $45 = 56% savings

had a total bill of $103.00 and paid $37.16 = 64% savings

Lori's bill total was $115 and paid $60 = 48% savings

Check back soon you never know who will be the next big saver!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Finals

So this week I wasn't going to go shopping because we are going on vacation, but there were some stuff we needed and it was finally on sale and the deals were to good to pass up.

My Publix totals were - $132.86 for $4.86 = a saving of $128 (96% OFF retail)

Talked with Becca while I was there and NONE of the Publix here are going to be taking Food Lion or Harvey's competitor coupons any more :(

But back to the savings!!! The Chef Boyardee they paid me .15 cent per can and the large packs of 130 plates ended up being like a $1.50. WEUUWEE I love it when a plan comes together.

Mom also went with me shopping. No pictures of her stuff (it is totally different than mine) but she purchased $153.58 for $4.67 OOP = a savings of $148.91 (that 97% OFF retail folks) She is still doing the happy dance. Her best deals were Hormel pre-cooked dinner meat for $2 (saved like $6) and Eight O'Clock Coffee for $1.50 a bag.

Ya'll holla with your savings for this week!!! :}

Friday, July 17, 2009

Whole 'Nutha Level of Coupon Shopping

So tonight was crazy coupon shopping night at Publix. At any given time after about 4 pm there were at least 2 Coupon Chix graduates shopping in Publix @ University Pkwy. These 4, Scary Mary, Boo Boo, Martha & Lisa, were particularly crazy. They even got the manager, Pat in on it.

Mary spent OOP $101 & saved $99. Woo Hoo her first coupon shopping trip. Mover over Divas here she comes!!! :}

Lori spent OOP $64 & saved $94 = 60%. Go Diva Go Diva!!! :}

Lisa spent OOP $22 & saved $82 = 80% (She's an Ole' Pro) Way to go DIVA!!!

Becky is the newest Diva to hit the bunch. On her third coupon shopping trip she has hit 80% savings. She spent OOP $55 & saved $80. Welcome to the Crewe Diva!!!!

And while this crazy 4-some was shopping Prego Amber did a little saving of her own.

Look for more Savings Post SOOOON!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Diva

Sara M. went to Publix and got a killer deal. For $53.27 OOP she got . . .

that's $155.44 in groceries. Which makes her savings $102.17 = 66% off retail!!! Go Diva, Go Diva :}

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lindelon's Cheap Thrills

So, I went to a few stores last week and here is what I got:

Total orders $406.91. Total OOP $124.62.  Thats a savings of 70%!!! WooHoo!!

More Awesome Deals by Elaine!!!!

Here is what Elaine got from Publix today, she is the BOMB!!!!

Her total order was $87.54. Her OOP was $26.69. That is a savings of 70%!!!
Way to go Diva!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sherie thinks she Seriously Need To Put on Restriction...

But the deals are just toooooo good to do that :)

She went to Publix on Friday night and here is what $129.81 worth of food looks like:

 Total order $359.34. Total OOP $129.81.  That's a 65% savings!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The NEW Publix opened today! in Bellview.

So, we had a new Publix open and we all had to go to get all of the FREEBIES!!! Anyway, sherie was cleaning out her coupon book and found that she had 4 coupons expiring on the 10th for Cheerios. And you mom's out there know how much little ones LOVE Cheerios. So, she had to buy them and they are on sale this week BOGO.

So, she got 4 large boxes of Cheerios and 2 packages of baby carrots (for her adult kid's lunch next week).

Total order $21.14. Total OOP $8.17.

That's a savings of 62%!!!

Guess who we ran into, Elaine.  She had to check out the new Publix too!!! She is a coupon addict (as we all are). We had just gotten into the store and she already had a buggy full, LOL!

Anyway, here is what she got (minus a gallon of tea she left at work):

Total order $111.21. Total OOP $30.20.

That's a savings of 73%!!!  Way to go Diva!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now this is what $200 worth of groceries is supposed to look like :)

So, Sherie was able to get herself together yesterday afternoon. And if you know her and her kids, you know this was a feat :) The little one refused to sleep in his bed for nap yesterday and then he didn't like any of the Xbox games or Wii games and WHINED until his brother got up.

So to say she was frazzled when she left is an understatement! She had to turn around twice and go back to the house. Once because she left her list and the other was because she forgot to print her Target Q's.

Anyway, her daughter went with her and they immediately got 2 baskets because they knew they were getting a lot of stuff and would need them.

And here is what they got:

Total order $555.68. Total OOP $241.36.

That is a saving of 57%!!!! The percentage would have been better, but they were out of meat and didn't have time to go to Winn Dixie this week :(

By the way, the Publix at University and Nine Mile ROCKS!!!! They were friendly and helpful and they all LOVE to see people saving money!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Elaine's great savings dispite the rule changes!

Elaine went to the Publix on Pine Forest and Nine Mile on Saturday. She was met by the coupon police and told that they will no longer take Target or Food Lion coupons. So, we will no longer be going to this location.

Anyway, she had a good shopping trip, but it would have been better if they would have taken the $10 in coupons that they told her they wouldn't.

Here is what she got:

Total order $215.61. Total OOP $72.61.

That's still a savings of 67%!!!

Sorry you had to go through that girlie!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Were has Sherie been?

Her schedule got totally messed up after the holiday last week, so she didn't get to go shopping until tonight.

And here is what she got:

Her total order was $313.93. Total OOP $112.38.

That is a 65% savings!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

And here is what Elaine was able to snag today -

Total order $161.14. Ttoal OOP $45.78.

That is a savings of 72% savings!!!

Then she went back out again and got the following GREAT deals!!!!  This girl is on a ROLL!!!!

Her total order was $55.85. Total OOP was $19.85.

Her savings were 65%, very COOL!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gina had a baby & Elaine went shopping!

Gina had a beautiful baby boy and all are doing well!!! And Elaine went shopping afterward :)

Here are her AWESOME Publix deals:

Total order $160.25. Total OOP $48.69.

That's a savings of 70%!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The deals at Publix this week are so good Elaine went back!

Total order $97.66. Total OOP $15.22.

That is a savings of 85%!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Publix didn't know what hit them last night :)

We ALL went shopping last night at Publix. 

This is Gina & Elaine's deals.

Total order for G&E was $443.05. Their total OOP was $141.10.

That is a 69% savings!!!! Way to go Divas!!! 

And here is Mom's Deals from last night...

Her total order was $196.57. Total OOP $32.71!

That is a savings of 84%!!! WAY TO GO DIVA!!!!!!!

here are my deals:


Total order $484.68. Total OOP $43.68.

That's a 91% savings!!!  Woo Hoo! 

And here are Sherie's deals!

 Total order $$572.89. Total OOP was $108.27.

That was a savings of 82%!!! Way to go Diva!!!!!

We went to Publix on the corner of Nine Mile Rd and University Pkwy. We had the BEST cashier, bagger, and manager! You should have seen our baskets, it was hilarious! The manager Jeremy came over and unloaded our buggies for us, which was SUPER nice. Becca had the patience of a saint with all of our coupons. And Travis bagged everything up like it was nobody's business. You know sometimes you have baggers that don't think anything about putting heavy things on light things. Travis was SUPER nice to make sure nothing would get smooshed. Becca, Oh my gosh, we can not say enough about her. She is the BEST cashier EVER!!!! She had to stay late to finish my deal up. We were in her line for 49 minutes, no joke! She took her time with each and every item. Jeremy had to stay because we exceeded the number of coupons we could use in one transaction. He had to key in his manager code after every coupon. It looked like him and Becca were doing a beautiful coupon ballet;)

Anyway, it was the best night of shopping EVER!!! Thanks Becca, Travis, and Jeremy!