Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lindelon's Cheap Thrills

So, I went to a few stores last week and here is what I got:

Total orders $406.91. Total OOP $124.62.  Thats a savings of 70%!!! WooHoo!!

More Awesome Deals by Elaine!!!!

Here is what Elaine got from Publix today, she is the BOMB!!!!

Her total order was $87.54. Her OOP was $26.69. That is a savings of 70%!!!
Way to go Diva!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sherie thinks she Seriously Need To Put on Restriction...

But the deals are just toooooo good to do that :)

She went to Publix on Friday night and here is what $129.81 worth of food looks like:

 Total order $359.34. Total OOP $129.81.  That's a 65% savings!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The NEW Publix opened today! in Bellview.

So, we had a new Publix open and we all had to go to get all of the FREEBIES!!! Anyway, sherie was cleaning out her coupon book and found that she had 4 coupons expiring on the 10th for Cheerios. And you mom's out there know how much little ones LOVE Cheerios. So, she had to buy them and they are on sale this week BOGO.

So, she got 4 large boxes of Cheerios and 2 packages of baby carrots (for her adult kid's lunch next week).

Total order $21.14. Total OOP $8.17.

That's a savings of 62%!!!

Guess who we ran into, Elaine.  She had to check out the new Publix too!!! She is a coupon addict (as we all are). We had just gotten into the store and she already had a buggy full, LOL!

Anyway, here is what she got (minus a gallon of tea she left at work):

Total order $111.21. Total OOP $30.20.

That's a savings of 73%!!!  Way to go Diva!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now this is what $200 worth of groceries is supposed to look like :)

So, Sherie was able to get herself together yesterday afternoon. And if you know her and her kids, you know this was a feat :) The little one refused to sleep in his bed for nap yesterday and then he didn't like any of the Xbox games or Wii games and WHINED until his brother got up.

So to say she was frazzled when she left is an understatement! She had to turn around twice and go back to the house. Once because she left her list and the other was because she forgot to print her Target Q's.

Anyway, her daughter went with her and they immediately got 2 baskets because they knew they were getting a lot of stuff and would need them.

And here is what they got:

Total order $555.68. Total OOP $241.36.

That is a saving of 57%!!!! The percentage would have been better, but they were out of meat and didn't have time to go to Winn Dixie this week :(

By the way, the Publix at University and Nine Mile ROCKS!!!! They were friendly and helpful and they all LOVE to see people saving money!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Elaine's great savings dispite the rule changes!

Elaine went to the Publix on Pine Forest and Nine Mile on Saturday. She was met by the coupon police and told that they will no longer take Target or Food Lion coupons. So, we will no longer be going to this location.

Anyway, she had a good shopping trip, but it would have been better if they would have taken the $10 in coupons that they told her they wouldn't.

Here is what she got:

Total order $215.61. Total OOP $72.61.

That's still a savings of 67%!!!

Sorry you had to go through that girlie!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Were has Sherie been?

Her schedule got totally messed up after the holiday last week, so she didn't get to go shopping until tonight.

And here is what she got:

Her total order was $313.93. Total OOP $112.38.

That is a 65% savings!!!