Sunday, April 26, 2009

The 2nd of Sherie's great shopping trips!!!

Then today I hit CVS. I had the best cashier! Her name is Lacey and she is at the Mobile Hwy location. She said she would be there until 12 today and her last day is 3 weeks from today, so if you go in and she is your cashier, you will have the best experience!

They were out of the scrubbing bubbles Shower cleaner so she gave me a rain check for 4 of them:) This is a money maker folks! It is on sale for $5 and our coupon is for $7!!!

And here is what I got:

There were several transactions so here are the totals.
Total order $89.72 with $35.34 OOP. Plus $32 in ECB's!

That is a savings of 61%! Plus the ECB's!!!!
Go Diva, Go Diva!!!

Then she ran over to Winn Dixie and got some milk because it is 2 for $5 until Wednesday!

My total order at Winn Dixie was $18.94 with $13.98 OOP.

That is a saving of 27%. No coupons, only items that were on sale.

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