Saturday, May 23, 2009

Publix didn't know what hit them last night :)

We ALL went shopping last night at Publix. 

This is Gina & Elaine's deals.

Total order for G&E was $443.05. Their total OOP was $141.10.

That is a 69% savings!!!! Way to go Divas!!! 

And here is Mom's Deals from last night...

Her total order was $196.57. Total OOP $32.71!

That is a savings of 84%!!! WAY TO GO DIVA!!!!!!!

here are my deals:


Total order $484.68. Total OOP $43.68.

That's a 91% savings!!!  Woo Hoo! 

And here are Sherie's deals!

 Total order $$572.89. Total OOP was $108.27.

That was a savings of 82%!!! Way to go Diva!!!!!

We went to Publix on the corner of Nine Mile Rd and University Pkwy. We had the BEST cashier, bagger, and manager! You should have seen our baskets, it was hilarious! The manager Jeremy came over and unloaded our buggies for us, which was SUPER nice. Becca had the patience of a saint with all of our coupons. And Travis bagged everything up like it was nobody's business. You know sometimes you have baggers that don't think anything about putting heavy things on light things. Travis was SUPER nice to make sure nothing would get smooshed. Becca, Oh my gosh, we can not say enough about her. She is the BEST cashier EVER!!!! She had to stay late to finish my deal up. We were in her line for 49 minutes, no joke! She took her time with each and every item. Jeremy had to stay because we exceeded the number of coupons we could use in one transaction. He had to key in his manager code after every coupon. It looked like him and Becca were doing a beautiful coupon ballet;)

Anyway, it was the best night of shopping EVER!!! Thanks Becca, Travis, and Jeremy! 


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