Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The NEW Publix opened today! in Bellview.

So, we had a new Publix open and we all had to go to get all of the FREEBIES!!! Anyway, sherie was cleaning out her coupon book and found that she had 4 coupons expiring on the 10th for Cheerios. And you mom's out there know how much little ones LOVE Cheerios. So, she had to buy them and they are on sale this week BOGO.

So, she got 4 large boxes of Cheerios and 2 packages of baby carrots (for her adult kid's lunch next week).

Total order $21.14. Total OOP $8.17.

That's a savings of 62%!!!

Guess who we ran into, Elaine.  She had to check out the new Publix too!!! She is a coupon addict (as we all are). We had just gotten into the store and she already had a buggy full, LOL!

Anyway, here is what she got (minus a gallon of tea she left at work):

Total order $111.21. Total OOP $30.20.

That's a savings of 73%!!!  Way to go Diva!!!!

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