Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last savings before New Years!

My (Lindelon's) deal of the day!!! This one is good. Went to Walmart in Gulf Breeze last night, ya'll know this is not some place I frequently go, got 8 packs of Snuggle fabric softner sheets @ $1.87 ea used a $2 coupon from RP 12/6 = THEY PAID ME $1.04 to take them out of the store. (not litterally, I had another item that it discounted) But the cashier was so impressed, wanted to know how it works.

Deal of the day 4 boxes of Frosted Flakes & 1 gallon of milk = $5 saving $14.55. 

Store Totals - Publix - saved $110 spent $64.50 

Food World - saved $12 spent $40 (meat) 

Target - saved $21 would have spent $8.75 had a GC from a previous day OOP $0 

Winn Dixie - saved $68 spent $24 

Got $350 in groceries for $140 - 60% savings WOO HOO the Diva is back, lol


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