Friday, July 17, 2009

Whole 'Nutha Level of Coupon Shopping

So tonight was crazy coupon shopping night at Publix. At any given time after about 4 pm there were at least 2 Coupon Chix graduates shopping in Publix @ University Pkwy. These 4, Scary Mary, Boo Boo, Martha & Lisa, were particularly crazy. They even got the manager, Pat in on it.

Mary spent OOP $101 & saved $99. Woo Hoo her first coupon shopping trip. Mover over Divas here she comes!!! :}

Lori spent OOP $64 & saved $94 = 60%. Go Diva Go Diva!!! :}

Lisa spent OOP $22 & saved $82 = 80% (She's an Ole' Pro) Way to go DIVA!!!

Becky is the newest Diva to hit the bunch. On her third coupon shopping trip she has hit 80% savings. She spent OOP $55 & saved $80. Welcome to the Crewe Diva!!!!

And while this crazy 4-some was shopping Prego Amber did a little saving of her own.

Look for more Savings Post SOOOON!!

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