Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy Fretwell FYI, I went Saturday to Publix. I had Walgreen $5 off $25 so I broke mine up into 6 different orders.The grand total (of all 6 orders) was $300 and I only paid $85.00. Out of the 6 the best was when I paid $2.85 and saved $48.50. That was so cool. After the 2nd time the cashier realized what I was doing and got excited to see how much I could save. She kept my receipts and was adding up the savings herself.

Brandy Brown went to Winn Dixie today spent $110.87 and saved $99.26. Woo Hoo, you go girl!!!

Donella Ray I went to Publix this morning and spent $49.43 and saved $66.94 = 58%.

Debbie Reble spent $40.31 saved $105.58 = 73% at Publix this morning and I'm not even sure what I'm doing yet...thank you for the scoop Joy. Looking forward to the coupon class this coming Saturday!

Theresa Schneider went to Publix's got $86.99 and spent $30.89 saved $56.10 = 64%. But my question to all you coupon chixs and guys, "Who brought all my Yogurt??????????"




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